Early marriages in Georgia

Photographer Daro Sulakauri takes photos of weddings between minors hoping to raise awareness for the problem

Schoolchildren at war

The wars waged in the 1990s continues on the pages of school textbooks

Syria as the way out

“Provide jobs to our youth, so that they could get Syria out of their heads”

No smoking

Georgia tries to instate an anti-tobacco law

‘Putin’s plan’ for Karabakh

It means the de-escalation of conflict, opening of the Armenian-Turkish border and Georgia’s turning back towards Russia

Marik Dudaev, Ossetians and Georgians

A victim, a brigand and Robin Hood-all in one. He served 9 years in a Tbilisi prison and he is facing trial again, this time in Tskhinval. Once again for extortion

Who are we greeting and why?

"I'm getting tired of the Georgians' naivety and simplicity, due to a mental fog that makes us do some very new and peculiar things"