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The main topics of the day in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 5-9 June, 2023

  • Friday, June 9, Azerbaijan. Protest in social networks against insufficiently harsh verdicts of the ECtHR on the statements of Azerbaijani citizens against the country's government

  • Friday, June 9, Georgia. "Georgia fully complies with international sanctions and actively cooperates with partner countries" - the Finance Ministry

  • Friday, June 9, Armenia. Armenian representatives attended a meeting of the CIS Border Guard Commanders Council in Baku

  • Thursday, June 8, Armenia. The Armenian-Azerbaijani talks will continue with the participation of the EU, France and Germany

  • Thursday, June 8, Azerbaijan. Shusha will become a town of 20,000 people under the 'Great Return' project

  • Thursday, June 8, Georgia. “It’s fake that the government has anti-Western rhetoric. Peace is sometimes more difficult than war" - ruling party

  • Wednesday, June 7, Georgia. “It seems Prime Minister Garibashvili does not want Georgia to become a member of NATO” - Ben Hodges

  • Wednesday, June 7, Azerbaijan. Baku is waiting for Yerevan to show political will

  • Wednesday, June 7, Armenia. Washington is "looking forward" to a new round of Armenian-Azerbaijani talks

  • Tuesday, June 6, Armenia. Gayane Hakobyan, who is accused of kidnapping the Armenian prime minister's son, has been sent back to custody

  • Tuesday, June 6, Azerbaijan. Ombudsman visited Armenian soldiers detained on 26 May in Zangilan district

  • Monday, June 5, Azerbaijan. Air travel between Azerbaijan and Iran has been halted

  • Monday, June 5, Georgia. A group of influential Chechens has visited Georgia

  • Monday, June 5, Armenia. A peace treaty with Azerbaijan could be signed by the end of 2023 - Secretary of the Security Council

  • The main topics of the day in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 29 May-2 June, 2023

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