Privacy Policy

JAMnews keeps confidential the personal data that are being collected, processed and used while visiting the JAMnews site.

Privacy policy also concerns the data on the character of information and methods of collection about JAMnews visitors and the goals JAMnews pursues when collecting, providing or making the data public in other ways.

What kind of information we collect?

In accordance with it`s privacy policy JAMnewes seeks to collect any information available of the site visitors.

When you visit, our server automatically records the details of your visit (your IP-adress, for instance, the browser used, the pages visited, as well as how long you stayed on the site).

We also collect the personal data you provide when using JAMnews subscription service (name, gender, address, e-mail, phone or fax number).

What do we use your personal data for?

We process and use your personal data to find more of how JAMnews services work and better them, to improve administration and marketing, to provide you information on our services.

How to obtain access to your personal data?

You are entitled to check whether we store your personal data, obtain a copy of them and seek corrections on demand.

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