About us

JAMnews is a unique media platform that brings together professional journalists from around the Caucasus, as well as the authors and experts, who aim at providing the readers and viewers with diverse and many-sided information.

We offer latest news about the developments in the region, reporting exclusively verified data. We offer professional and impartial analysis on the major trends and developments, thus seeking to help people from different regions of the Caucasus to get to know each other better.

JAMnews is a platform where people with different views are free to share their information, ideas and opinions. JAMnews considers it important to introduce to public the diverse, sometimes even opposite, views of people who often live on different sides of the conflict areas, in opposite political and social realities.

Consequently, the terms and toponyms, as well as views and ideas, used in JAMnews materials reflect just a personal position of an author of a particular publication or that of a certain community, and don’t necessarily coincide with views and opinions of JAMnews or any employees thereof.

JAMnews is fully open for discussions. Yet, we reserve the right to delete comments that we consider to be offensive, inflammatory, threatening or otherwise ethically unacceptable.

JAMnews was founded and is currently operating with the assistance from the UK Conflict, Stability and Security Fund. COBERM, a joint EU-UNDP initiative, has provided co-funding too.

We will be happy to provide any additional information as may be necessary. Feel free to contact the editorial staff on the following email: [email protected]

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