On a powder keg

What’s the influence of public opinion on decision-making on political issues of particular importance for Armenia?

Four families left in a village

There are no appropriate living conditions in Tlik village: one has to pass 15km just to buy a packet of salt

Corruption leaders

Out of 100 percent Azerbaijan got 38, Russia - 34, Armenia - 24, Georgia - 7

Waste dumps just everywhere

Armavir’s sanitary clearness issue has been officially solved, but the waste keeps growing around the town    

Mandatory assistance to the army

A fund will be set up in Armenia, where certain amounts will be transferred on monthly basis by each working citizen


Armenians in Russia

“Urartu” basketball club to represent Armenia in the Russian Super League-1

A promising PM

For the first time in Armenia, the new head of government has been recognized and accepted by all political forces, though each of them has different expectations

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