Olympic poker

The Olympics in Rio, which was full of scandals, has come to an end

Ibragim Chkadua, Sukhum

Due to Iskander the world literature has recognized Abkhazia immediately and unconditionally

Who are we greeting and why?

"I'm getting tired of the Georgians' naivety and simplicity, due to a mental fog that makes us do some very new and peculiar things"

Giorgi Tsagareli, Tbilisi

It was a must in the Soviet army: a soldier was supposed to sit at the table and read the party press after a day of training

Giorgi Tsagareli, Tbilisi

In Soviet times, a minibus was a part of the Tbilisi mentality. That mentality is still here now, but the minibus is just a mere means of transport

Armen Sargsyan, Yerevan

A lullaby for war. The OSCE Minsk Group has been crooning a lullaby in Karabakh for years and, as it has recently turned out, not all that successfully

Natalia Garakhanova, Baku

"Big Brother" in your office. His salary is the smallest, but his authority is unlimited

Magerram Zeynalov, Baku

Quick facts.  When they came for those who were kissing on the boulevard – I remained silent

Galina Petriashvili, Tbilisi

The 'Newest Russians' in Georgia. Georgia has always been 'selflessly glad' to host guests, and now it understands the diverse benefits of having them

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