To live or to die

It is common knowledge that Abkhazians go to Georgia for medical treatment

Medea and Jumber

The performance of “Medea” in Sukhum turned out to be no less intriguing than the story of the Argonauts 

Schoolchildren at war

The wars waged in the 1990s continues on the pages of school textbooks

Vysotsky and Abkhazia

The renowned Russian poet visited Abkhazia many times during journeys on Black Sea cruises

Who are we greeting and why?

"I'm getting tired of the Georgians' naivety and simplicity, due to a mental fog that makes us do some very new and peculiar things"

Football without FIFA

The most prestigious of all unknown sports tournaments is currently taking place in Abkhazia

IDP town

The life of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from conflict zones is as hard as it was twenty years ago

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