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Top stories in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia from 22-26 April, 2024

  • Friday, April 26, Azerbaijan. Hungary is developing a plan for its participation in the restoration of Karabakh

  • Friday, April 26, Armenia. Ruben Vardanyan has ended his hunger strike in a prison in Baku

  • Friday, April 26, Georgia. The Prime Minister is against the so-called 'liberals', while the Mayor of Tbilisi offers assistance to Europe

  • Thursday, April 25, Georgia. "The 'foreign agents' bill poses a threat of stigmatization to the church," said Archbishop Zenon of Dmanisi and Agarak-Tashir

  • Thursday, April 25, Azerbaijan. Ilham Aliyev did not rule out the possibility of Armenia purchasing Azerbaijani gas in the future

  • Thursday, April 25, Armenia. On social media, the incident involving Nikol Pashinyan's wife and daughter is being widely discussed

  • Wednesday, April 24, Armenia. Today marks a day of mourning in Armenia to honor the victims of the Genocide in the Ottoman Empire

  • Wednesday, April 24, Georgia. The European Parliament demands sanctions against Ivanishvili and deputies from the ruling party

  • Wednesday, April 24, Azerbaijan. The installation of the first border pillar marks the beginning of the border demarcation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia

  • Tuesday, April 23, Azerbaijan. Aliyev met with Putin in Moscow

  • Tuesday, April 23, Armenia. Mine clearance has begun in the bordering Tavush region adjacent to Azerbaijan

  • Tuesday, April 23, Georgia. "Will people be checked if they are gay or not when hiring?"

  • Monday, April 22, Armenia. Protests in the Tavush region against the decision on the demarcation line of the border with Azerbaijan

  • Monday, April 22, Georgia. The ruling party initiates public discussion on amendments to the constitution "against LGBT propaganda"

  • Monday, April 22, Azerbaijan. Ilham Aliyev and Vladimir Putin will hold talks in Moscow

  • Top stories in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia from April 15-19, 2024

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