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Travel and adventure in the Georgia – incredible Country of South Caucasus. Would you like to see best sightseeings and discover wilderness of Europe?

With JAMnews you can travel to Georgia – see amazing nature, people, their traditions, lifestyle and discover local secrets. We will show you plenty of photos, videos and films from across the region.

Georgia is a land of rock and mountains, fortresses and monasteries, green hills and beaches of the Black Sea. This is a country for culture and history lovers, for – Adventure seekers.

Visit and see in Georgia: Tbilisi (Capital), Mtskheta (old Capital), Vardzia (a cave monastery), mountainous regions (Svaneti, Tusheti), Seaside and city Batumi, Canyons and etc.

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With so much misinformation cavalierly and cynically tossed around, it is vitally important that the societies in the Caucasus benefit from journalism that is fact-checked and unbiased, balanced and sensitive. JAMnews has been giving them just that. A full-fledged newsroom presence in almost every part of the region – committed teams of editors and reporters, SMM managers and translators, experts and citizen contributors – has allowed it to always stay on top of national breaking news stories, while also keeping an eye on the not so obvious, but none the less important, issues and trends that are overlooked by others. Now, we all need your support if we are to keep the ball of what we do rolling. Every contribution you make, however small, means we can continue. Thank you

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