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Russo-Ukrainian conflict, day four. Timeline of events, February, 27

  • Summary of events by 11.00 pm: Kyiv is NOT surrounded

  • Summary of events by 8.30 pm. 100,000 took to the streets of Berlin to support Ukraine

  • Summary of events by 6pm: Negotiations confirmed, Russian troops unable to capture any of Ukraine's major cities

  • Summary of events by 2pm: Nikolaev released, Russian special forces in Kharkiv, Putin no longer an honorary judoka

  • Baku marches in support of Ukraine

  • Summary of events by 12.00: "Negotiations will be held where missiles do not fly: Warsaw, Bratislava, Budapest, Istanbul, or Baku"

  • Summary of events by 10.30: Heavy fighting in Kharkiv, New Kakhovka captured

  • Summary of events by 08.00.

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