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Latest news in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, summary 30 October-3 November, 2023

  • Friday, November 3, Azerbaijan. The Foreign Ministry expressed disappointment at the U.S.'s lack of strong support for Azerbaijan's territorial integrity compared to Armenia

  • Friday, November 3, Armenia. No major force buildup along Armenian-Azerbaijani border, reduced aggressive rhetoric: deputy speaker

  • Friday, November 3, Georgia. The Patriarchate's press secretary has denied any discussions about the patriarch's resignation during the Synod

  • Thursday, November 2, Armenia.

  • Thursday, November 2, Azerbaijan. Strange cattle deaths are observed in different districts of Azerbaijan

  • Thursday, 2 November, Georgia. The opposition seeks the parliament committee head's resignation for insulting female deputies.

  • Wednesday, 1 November, Georgia. Sexist insults directed by members of the ruling party towards opposition MPs

  • Wednesday, 1 November, Azerbaijan. Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia in the oil and gas sector is on the rise

  • Wednesday, 1 November, Armenia. Delays in constructing the Iran-Armenia and Armenia-Georgia power lines incurred a €146 million cost for Yerevan.

  • Tuesday, 31 October, Armenia. Pashinyan: Three fundamental principles for peace have been agreed upon with Baku

  • Tuesday, 31 October, Azerbaijan. Halo Trust base found in Hankendi with deliberately tainted equipment

  • Tuesday, 31 October, Georgia. Оver the past 24 days, 15 thousand people have left Israel for Georgia, including 1,500 Georgian citizens

  • Monday, 30 October, Azerbaijan. A military parade is scheduled to take place in Khankendi on November 8

  • Monday, 30 October, Armenia. The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention calls on the UN to dispatch a proper delegation to Karabakh

  • Monday, 30 October, Georgia. Putin and Georgian Deputy Prime Minister at the same banquet

  • Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 23-27 October, 2023

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