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Latest news in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, summary 6-10 November, 2023

  • Friday, November 10, Azerbaijan. The FM is calling for the dispatch of a UNESCO mission to Armenia to assess the destruction of Azerbaijani cultural heritage

  • Friday, November 10, Armenia. Armenia will not permit Russia "to control any part of its sovereign territory"

  • Friday, November 10, Georgia. Member of the European Parliament urged Georgia to reconsider relations with Russia

  • Thursday, November 9, Georgia. The country celebrates the European Commission's recommendation to grant Georgia candidate status for EU membership

  • Thursday, November 9, Armenia. "Cargo transportation through the territory of Azerbaijan is more profitable for Armenia, but it is impossible to launch this route without a document on peace"

  • Thursday, November 9, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan celebrates National Flag Day

  • Wednesday, November 8, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan celebrates Victory Day in the Second Karabakh War, a military parade will be held in Khankendi

  • Wednesday, November 8, Armenia. Armenia protests against Vagif Khachatryan's sentence in Azerbaijan

  • Wednesday, November 8, Georgia. A European Commission report will be published today, which will determine whether Georgia will receive EU candidate status

  • Tuesday, November 7, Georgia. Russian military killed a Georgian citizen in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict

  • Tuesday, November 7, Armenia. Criminal cases against 20 representatives of the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan

  • Tuesday, November 7, Azerbaijan. Holidays are commencing in anticipation of tomorrow's Victory Day in the Second Karabakh War

  • Monday, November 6, Azerbaijan.

  • Monday, November 6, Armenia

  • Monday, November 6, Georgia

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