Gender and sex

Georgia: The state trading in girls

Dozens of girls are kidnapped annually right from a school bench in Georgia. The government turns a blind eye to this tradition -human rights activists believe

"I wanted to do something" - four stories on women farmers

“I was milking a cow when my neighbour told me that there would be an meeting related to available grants. I mounted a horse and went there. Now I have over 300 bee families and soon I will be travelling to the US to take a course there.”

Girls are not supposed to work

The answer to the question, what rights, possibilities and perspective women in Karabakh have, sounds grimly

Women who crossed the border

According to unofficial data, about 1,5million people left Georgia in search of jobs in 2015-2016 and 65% of them were women

Nino Khazhomia: how to survive

The mother of two children tells how to ‘survive’ when everybody is against you – family, community, church

Getting married at 14

Early marriages in Azerbaijan: which of the stories is more gruesome?

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