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Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 20-24 November, 2023

  • Friday, November 24, Azerbaijan. The assistant director of Abzas Media, the third from the publication, has been sentenced to 4 months in arrest

  • Friday, November 24, Armenia. Armenian and Azerbaijani border delimitation commissions confirm bilateral meeting

  • Friday, November 24, Georgia. “Europe has once again demonstrated its strong support for Georgia,” the president and speaker of parliament said

  • Thursday, November 23, Georgia. 20 years of the Rose Revolution

  • Thursday, November 23, Armenia. Instead of CSTO, Security Council Secretary and Foreign Minister met EU ambassadors in Yerevan

  • Thursday, November 23, Azerbaijan. "No obstacles to signing a peace treaty with Armenia" - Ilham Aliyev

  • Wednesday, November 22, Azerbaijan. The director and editor-in-chief of Abzas Media are under a 4-month arrest during the investigation

  • Wednesday, November 22, Armenia. The minister of defense will also not go to Minsk for the CSTO summit, as will the PM and the foreign minister

  • Wednesday, November 22, Georgia. The opposition considers its goal to get 40 percent of the votes in parliamentary elections

  • Tuesday, November 21, Azerbaijan. Abzas Media director faces a criminal case, while the editor-in-chief has been arrested.

  • Tuesday, November 21, Armenia. Aliyev urged Yerevan not to delay its response to Baku’s proposals for a peace treaty

  • Tuesday, November 21, Georgia. Saakashvili's uncle declared "the inevitability" of a military solution to conflicts for Georgia

  • Monday, November 20, Armenia. The OSCE PA session took place in Yerevan for the first time. Azerbaijani and Russian delegations declined to participate

  • Monday, November 20, Azerbaijan. "Does UNESCO have no intention to document the destruction in Agdam caused by the Armenian side?" - Nigar Arpadarai

  • Monday, November 20, Georgia. Protest against the issuance of a license to a Russian oligarch for business in the forests of Racha

  • Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 13-17 November, 2023

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