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Top stories in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia from 5-9 February, 2024

  • Friday, February 9, Armenia. Russia urged Armenia "to engage in constructive dialogue on CSTO affairs instead of resorting to public criticism"

  • Friday, February 9, Azerbaijan. A mass grave was discovered in the Khojaly region, presumably related to the Khojaly massacre

  • Friday, February 9, Georgia. The new PM prioritizes combating inflated food prices and poverty

  • Thursday, February 8, Georgia. Three fatalities in a hot air balloon crash; eight victims in a landslide

  • Thursday, February 8, Armenia. Nikol Pashinyan described the South Caucasus as essentially a region of the European Union

  • Thursday, February 8, Azerbaijan. Ilham Aliyev won the presidential elections by a significant margin

  • Wednesday, February 7, Azerbaijan. Voting for the early presidential elections began at 8 a.m. today across Azerbaijan

  • Wednesday, February 7, Armenia. Armenian and Azerbaijani parliament speakers may meet in Switzerland from March 23 to 27.

  • Wednesday, February 7, Georgia. The зresident establishes a national "Platform for Unity in Europe"

  • Tuesday, February 6, Georgia. Parliament is discussing a new cabinet, mainly reappointing previous ministers

  • Tuesday, February 6, Azerbaijan. The Serbian PACE delegation protested a resolution about Azerbaijan

  • Tuesday, February 6, Armenia. The director of Public Radio of Armenia apologized for the interview with Nikol Pashinyan

  • Monday, February 5, Azerbaijan. Swiss MP Nick Gugger was expelled from Azerbaijan

  • Monday, February 5, Armenia. Armenia has no territorial claims to any state” - minister of defense

  • Monday, February 5, Georgia. The issue of confidence in the government will be discussed throughout the week in parliament

  • Top stories in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia from January 29-February 2, 2024

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