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Top stories in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia from 12-16 February, 2024

  • Friday, February 16, Armenia. Armenia proposes to Azerbaijan to expedite the delimitation process

  • Friday, February 16, Azerbaijan. The foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Georgia will meet again in March

  • Friday, February 16, Georgia. The ruling party leader insults the opposition and the president

  • Thursday, February 15, Azerbaijan. Russian automaker AvtoVAZ is in talks with Azerbaijan to establish the assembly of Lada cars in the country

  • Thursday, February 15, Armenia. The economy minister resigned after three years citing "disagreements"

  • Thursday, February 15, Georgia. Priest Giorgi Mamaladze, who had been accused of plotting the murder of the secretary-assistant of Catholicos-Patriarch, has been released on parole

  • Wednesday, February 14, Georgia. President is engaging in meetings with the opposition as part of her new initiative, the "Unity Platform for Europe"

  • Wednesday, February 14, Azerbaijan. MFA: "Mercenaries in Armenian border areas under EU mission pose threat"

  • Wednesday, February 14, Armenia. The ministry of defense has instructed troops to avoid escalating tensions on the border with Azerbaijan and to resist provocations

  • Tuesday, February 13, Armenia. Armenia reported two fatalities and injuries from Azerbaijani shelling

  • Tuesday, February 13, Azerbaijan. Shelling of Azerbaijani positions by Armenia - ministry of defense

  • Monday, February 12, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, Russia to schedule next Karabakh peacekeeper talks

  • Monday, February 12, Armenia. “Armenia is not Russia's ally in the war against Ukraine" - Pashinyan

  • Monday, February 12, Georgia. "Families in landslide areas await geologists' report; relocation likely."Monday, February 12, Georgia.

  • Top stories in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia from February 5-9, 2024

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