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Top stories in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia from January 29-February 2, 2024

  • Friday, February 2, Azerbaijan. "De facto peace has already been established between Azerbaijan and Armenia" - Ilham Aliyev

  • Friday, February 2, Armenia. "If we will based on the idea of reunification of Karabakh with Armenia, we will have war and never peace," Nikol Pashinyan

  • Friday, February 2, Georgia. Nika Gvaramia calls for opposition unity ahead of parliamentary elections

  • Thursday, February 1, Armenia. The second meeting between the deputy prime ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan took place

  • Thursday, February 1, Azerbaijan.

  • Thursday, February 1, Georgia. The accounts of the pro-Russian party "Alt-info" may face seizure.

  • Wednesday, January 31, Azerbaijan. Today, the Armenian-Azerbaijani border delimitation commissions will meet

  • Wednesday, January 31, Armenia. "Azerbaijan is converting an Armenian church into a mosque," - reported the state council for the protection of the cultural heritage of Karabakh

  • Wednesday, January 31, Georgia. Georgia lost three points in the Corruption Perceptions Index but still outperforms six EU members and all candidate countries

  • Monday, January 29, Armenia. The Armenian and Azerbaijani border commissions will meet before January ends to discuss state border demarcation

  • Tuesday, January 30, Azerbaijan

  • Monday, January 29, Georgia. Government and opposition representatives will discuss implementing nine EU recommendations for Georgia's candidate status

  • Monday, January 29, Azerbaijan. "Relations between Baku and Paris are at the lowest level," - Foreign Ministry

  • Monday, January 29, Armenia. "Yerevan invited Baku to sign a non-aggression pact if the peace treaty signing takes longer than expected," - Nikol Pashinyan

  • Top stories in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia from January 22-26, 2024

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