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News, reports, photos / videos on military actions in Karabakh for October 4, 2020

  • Ministry of Defense of Amenia denies shelling Mingachevir

  • Armenian forces launch missile strikes on Absheron peninsula - presidential aide

  • Shots of shelling of Stepanakert

  • A missile strike was inflicted on the Azerbaijani city of Mingechaur

  • "Attacks by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan fail" - Armenian Defense Ministry

  • Azerbaijani army took nine villages in Jabrayil region - Ilham Aliyev

  • Armenian Prime Minister: "Turkey will get to Europe"

  • Azerbaijan Defense Ministry disseminated video from Jabrayil region

  • Ministry of Defense of Armenia: capture of Jebrail by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces is a fake

  • "Azerbaijani army took Jabrayil city" - President of Azerbaijan

  • Number of civilian casualties in Azerbaijan reaches 24

  • Karabakh dismisses reports president was wounded, following claim of Azerbaijani presidential aide

  • "There will be dire consequences for Azerbaijan" - Armenian Defense Minister

  • President of Nagorno-Karabakh called on Azerbaijan "to stop before it's too late"

  • Merkel supported the joint statement of Putin, Macron and Trump

  • Armenian Foreign Ministry accuses Azerbaijani authorities of "war crimes against civilians"

  • Civilian killed in Ganja, four wounded

  • Video published from Ganja after enemy strikes

  • What the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh looks like after shelling

  • The death toll among Azerbaijani civilians reaches 22

  • Ganja under fire - Azerbaijani Defense Ministry

  • "We have always respected and recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan" - Chief of Staff of the Iranian President

  • Azerbaijani settlements undergo intensive shelling - Defense Ministry

  • President of Karabakh warns: "Large military facilities of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan under gunpoint"

  • Azerbaijan tracks journalists in Karabakh - Nagorno Karabakh Foreign Ministry

  • In Stepanakert civilian objects targeted again - military expert

  • Fighting in Karabakh: Day 8. Brief overview

  • News, reports, photos / videos on military operations in Karabakh for October 3, 2020

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