Mandatory assistance to the army

A fund will be set up in Armenia, where certain amounts will be transferred on monthly basis by each working citizen

Banks in Abkhazia

About the peculiarities of a domestic, internationally isolated bank cards and ATM system APRA in Abkhazia

To marry and adopt a village

A citizen of Australia and New Zealand calls on Armenian Diaspora to help homeland’ villages get back on their feet

A ‘Symphonic’ Bus

A classical music concert in public transport. Merry musical buses are driving around Yerevan

A dead-end prospect

Armenian experts’ comments on the economic potential of Armenia-Iran cooperation

A promising PM

For the first time in Armenia, the new head of government has been recognized and accepted by all political forces, though each of them has different expectations

Branded potatoes from Gandzak

This Armenian village believes, agriculture should be the only driving force, since industry no longer exists in the country

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