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The main topics of the day: what is happening in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, 17-21 April, 2023

  • Friday, April 21, Georgia. "Out of 12 EU recommendations, only one has been implemented"

  • Friday, April 21, Azerbaijan. Lost connection with Azerbaijani near-Earth satellite Azersky

  • Friday, April 21, Armenia. Aram Nikolyan, who set fire to the flag of Azerbaijan in Yerevan, was banned from entering state structures

  • Thursday, April 20, Georgia. “The authorities have the opportunity to investigate allegations of corruption in the judiciary, which have been known for many years”

  • Thursday, April 20, Azerbaijan. Vandalism at the Russian cemetery in the Baku settlement of Zabrat

  • Thursday, April 20, Armenia. Until the investigation is over, the return of Azerbaijani soldiers to Baku is ruled out

  • Wednesday, April 19, Georgia. “The speed of progress towards the European Union depends on the implementation of key reforms”

  • Wednesday, April 19, Azerbaijan. “Armenians in the Karabakh region must choose whether to accept Azerbaijani citizenship or look for another place to live”

  • Wednesday, April 19, Armenia. Azerbaijani serviceman who ended up on the territory of Armenia charged with murder

  • Tuesday, April 18, Georgia. The authorities are trying to organize the evacuation of about 30 Georgian citizens caught in the epicenter of the fighting in the capital of Sudan

  • Tuesday, April 18, Armenia. Armenian and Austrian organizations will engage in joint exploration of Mars

  • Tuesday, April 18, Azerbaijan. "Zangezur corridor can become the safest China-Europe transit route"

  • Monday, April 17, Armenia. "Arrested Azerbaijani soldiers do not complain about of any torture or mistreatment"

  • Monday, April 17, Azerbaijan. The foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Iran have called for the third time in recent days.

  • The main topics of the day: what is happening in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 10-14 April, 2023

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