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The main topics of the day in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, 24-28 April, 2023

  • Friday, April 28, Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani army has taken control of two more heights in the Shusha region of Karabakh

  • Friday, April 28, Armenia. There is an agreement to hold a trilateral meeting between the foreign ministers of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan on Russian territory

  • Friday, April 28, Georgia. "Georgia's government is increasingly moving towards autocracy"

  • Thursday, April 27, Georgia. "Pro-Western forces must unite and do this before the 2024 parliamentary elections"

  • Thursday, April 27, Azerbaijan. Iran reduced road tax for fuel supplies from the main part of Azerbaijan to Nakhichevan by 3 times

  • Thursday, April 27, Armenia. Pashinyan discussed the situation in the Lachin corridor, first with Charles Michel, then with Putin

  • Wednesday, April 26, Georgia. "The European Union supports Georgia at every stage of its path to European integration"

  • Wednesday, April 26, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani border guards raised the flag of the country at the checkpoint on the bridge on the border with Armenia

  • Tuesday, April 25, Georgia. "The ball is on the side of Georgia" - a series of meetings of the country's top leaders with European structures

  • Tuesday, April 25, Armenia. "We are working with both Yerevan and Baku, everything is not easy" - Kremlin on the situation in the Lachin corridor

  • Tuesday, April 25, Azerbaijan. The International Court of Justice suspended consideration of the main claim of Armenia against Azerbaijan

  • Monday, April 24, Armenia. 108th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in 1915 in Ottoman Turkey

  • Monday, April 24, Azerbaijan. A checkpoint was opened on the border with Armenia, at the entrance to the Lachin road

  • Monday, April 24, Georgia. "The opposition is not even aware of its responsibility to the people" - Speaker of the Parliament

  • The main topics of the day: what is happening in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 17-21 April, 2023

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