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The main topics of the day: what is happening in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 10-14 April, 2023

  • Friday, April 14, Georgia. "Lazare is supported and worried about him by many people, including the police"

  • Friday, April 14, Armenia. Two Armenian companies were included in the list of US sanctions over the past year

  • Friday, April 14, Azerbaijan. Criminal case on torture of an Azerbaijani serviceman detained in Armenia

  • Thursday, April 13, Georgia. "Unable to gather the required number of judges' votes for a joint statement on US sanctions"

  • Thursday, April 13, Armenia. Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan is being prepared

  • Thursday, April 13, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani weightlifters will take part in the European Championship in Yerevan

  • Wednesday, April 12, Georgia. It will no longer be possible to buy a deferment from military service

  • Wednesday, April 12, Azerbaijan. Three Azerbaijani servicemen killed in skirmish on border with Armenia

  • Wednesday, April 12, Armenia. 4 killed, 6 wounded Armenian servicemen as a result of a shootout on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border

  • Tuesday, April 11, Georgia. The head of the Supreme Court invited the United States to admit a mistake in connection with the announcement of sanctions against Georgian judges

  • Tuesday, April 11, Azerbaijan. 27 members of the Union of Muslims and 16 other believers arrested in 3 months

  • Tuesday, April 11, Armenia. Lawsuits from the ruling party against journalists

  • Monday, April 10, Georgia. “Georgian Dream” offers us the Russian world, but in 200 years we have already seen what it is.”

  • Monday, April 10, Azerbaijan. Statement to Iran: "Islamic solidarity does not imply military support for the occupation of the territories of another Muslim country"

  • Monday, April 10, Armenia. The country entered the top three largest importers of Russian vodka

  • The main topics of the day: what is happening in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 3-7 April, 2023

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