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Latest news in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, summary May 6-10, 2024

  • Friday, May 10, Georgia. Blogger's arrest, clashes with police on Chavchavadze Avenue, and new attacks on protest participants

  • Friday, May 10, Armenia. Rally against the demarcation of the border with Azerbaijan

  • Friday, May 10, Azerbaijan. Today, a meeting of the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia will take place in Almaty

  • Thursday, May 9, Georgia. Assaults and mass threatening phone calls to activists opposing the "foreign agents bill"

  • Thursday, May 9, Azerbaijan. "Baku and Yerevan must sign a peace agreement as soon as possible," - the President of Turkey

  • Thursday, May 9, Armenia. The meeting between Pashinyan and Putin

  • Wednesday, May 8, Georgia. The European Parliament suggests suspending Georgia's granted status as a candidate for EU membership

  • Wednesday, May 8, Armenia. "I received an invitation from Erdogan to the inauguration, but I haven't received one from Putin," Nikol Pashinyan

  • Wednesday, May 8, Azerbaijan. Baku and Bratislava will collaborate on weapon production

  • Tuesday, May 7, Azerbaijan. US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Mark Libby, and his spouse visited the cities of Shusha and Fizuli in Karabakh

  • Tuesday, May 7, Armenia. Nikol Pashinyan and Ilham Aliyev will not attend the Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 9th

  • Tuesday, May 7, Georgia. A renowned school teacher, was beaten up for dissent

  • Monday, May 6, Armenia. The Tavush to Yerevan march protesting village transfer to Azerbaijan in border demarcation

  • Monday, May 6, Azerbaijan. Financial Times named Baku as the third most popular investment destination in the world

  • Monday, May 6, Georgia. The government website did not include any photos of the president in the Easter report from the Sioni Cathedral.

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