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Latest news in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, summary May 13-17, 2024

  • Friday, May 17, Azerbaijan. "Azerbaijan-Armenia peace deal is a historic opportunity," - Turkey's president during a press conference with Georgia's premier in Ankara

  • Friday, May 17, Georgia. "Georgia will expel Russian nationals for participating in protests," - Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov

  • Friday, May 17, Armenia. "The resolution of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies calls for the 'immediate release by Azerbaijan of Armenian prisoners of war'

  • Thursday, May 16, Georgia. The lari is depreciating amid the political crisis

  • Thursday, May 16, Azerbaijan. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko arrived in Baku for a state visit

  • Thursday, May 16, Armenia. "Yerevan and Baku cannot imagine a peace process because they simply do not know what it is" - Pashinyan

  • Wednesday, May 15, Georgia. "Washington may reconsider financial assistance to Georgia," - James O'Brien

  • Wednesday, May 15, Azerbaijan. The speakers of the Azerbaijani and Armenian parliaments will meet in Geneva

  • Wednesday, May 15, Armenia. 'It's time to incorporate the agreements with Azerbaijan into a peace treaty and sign it' - Pashinyan

  • Tuesday, May 14, Georgia. 23 people were detained following the dispersal of the protest outside the parliament on May 13

  • Tuesday, May 14, Azerbaijan. The plan for admissions to the Karabakh University in Shusha has been approved

  • Tuesday, May 14, Armenia. Displaced persons from Karabakh demanded a resolution to the issue of their return during protests

  • Monday, May 13, Georgia. The Parliament's Legal Committee endorsed the foreign agent law in its third and final reading. The protest near the parliament was dispersed

  • Monday, May 13, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan and Armenia's foreign ministers hailed progress on border demarcation and discussed a peace treaty

  • Monday, May 13, Armenia. Protests in Yerevan against the transfer of several border villages to Azerbaijan continue.

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