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Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 18-22 December, 2023

  • Friday, December 22, Armenia. Internet scammers, utilizing neural networks, have defrauded citizens of half a million dollars

  • Friday, December 22, Azerbaijan. Extensive residency of French intelligence agents in Azerbaijan has been disclosed - Identificator

  • Friday, December 22, Georgia. Accused singer Kabu, charged with violence and drug possession, performs at Akhaltsikhe's New Year's concert

  • Thursday, December 21, Azerbaijan. The presidential aide denied fears that Baku plans to "cut a land corridor" to Nakhichevan through Armenian territory by force of arms

  • Thursday, December 21, Armenia. Armenian regulator deprived Sputnik Armenia radio of airtime for a month and fined it

  • Thursday, December 21, Georgia. The ruling party rejects the Venice Commission's critical assessment of electoral system reform and anti-corruption bureau creation projects

  • Wednesday, 20 December, Armenia. "Negotiations on the text of the peace agreement with Azerbaijan are ongoing, and there may be new contacts," - Nikol Pashinyan

  • Wednesday, 20 December, Azerbaijan. "Azerbaijan is open to considering Armenians' applications for reintegration" - assistant to the president

  • Wednesday, 20 December, Georgia. Every second woman in Georgia has experienced at least one of seven forms of violence in their lifetime

  • Tuesday, 19 December, Azerbaijan. The US Embassy is concerned about the arrest of Tofig Yagublu and calls for his release

  • Tuesday, 19 December, Georgia. The Prime Minister expresses gratitude to Ivanishvili in his annual report to parliament

  • Tuesday, 19 December, Armenia. Nikol Pashinyan expresses hope for no deliberate delay in the regional peace process

  • Monday, 18 December, Georgia. The German Minister of Interior is in Tbilisi to sign a migration agreement

  • Monday, 18 December, Azerbaijan. The opposition Popular Front and Musavat will not participate in the presidential elections

  • Monday, 18 December, Armenia. the difficulties in relations between Armenia and Russia are temporary

  • Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 11-15 December, 2023

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