“Abkhazia is in deep trouble”" />

How we got ‘criminal Abkhazia’ instead of the dream of a wonderful, small country

“Abkhazia is in deep trouble”

Abkhaz journalist Anton Krivenyuk about rampant crime in Abkhazia – causes, consequences and what to do.

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“It has so happened that, to our deepest misfortune, a criminal cesspool has grown out of the idea of ​​a small, livable country.

I accept the idea that everyone has a degree of responsibility for where this eventually led us.

Things all started much earlier, after the war [ed. armed Georgian-Abkhaz conflict in 1992 – 1993].

[This started] when people just killed whom they wanted to, f*cked who they wanted to, then killed them. They killed them and settled in their homes.

Then this herd became state builders, received awards, spoke clever thoughts.

What kind of state builder can you be if you’re a maniac; if you became a devil having seen the blood of the the thing you trampled.

There was no mourning, no repentance. And a life grew out of it – such a life that is absolutely disgusting.

I always refused handshakes to hucksters, other villains, thieves. This cannot be done, because then their abomination is attached to your body and soul.

Many people close to me have repeatedly said: “Well, how can you do that, these are our relatives.”

But it’s exactly because of what we have accepted into society, into our lives, that these vile scoundrels capable of anything – they grew up capable of killing on a conveyor belt.

Evil [in Abkhazia] has become the norm. The boys here grow up and become part of a society where a thief, a huckster and in general any criminal abomination is considered a man.

What should a parent tell them? You cannot, in a society where the human norm is not the norm, tell children this is evil. For this, children will be immediately punished at school, in children’s groups.

You have to compromise – which, in essence, means that you try not to notice their teenage lives.

Ok, you’ve saved them. But what about the price of compromise? The price is: the funeral of one’s own children.

Abkhazia is in deep trouble.

I don’t understand – why, when there was growth at the turn of the decade, why didn’t what happen in the rest of the post-Soviet space happen here? The natural, evolutionary normalization of life, the pushing out of crime, the elimination of the criminal lifestyle. It was evident that as soon as money began to come to Abkhazia, some people went ahead, life appeared.

But everything went into some kind of hellish firebox. Culture could not overcome chaos. And now all those who barely rose are the food for this social hell that has arisen there. And hell gradually eats people one at a time, two at a time and in groups too.”

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