Giorgi Tsagareli, Tbilisi

In Soviet times, a minibus was a part of the Tbilisi mentality. That mentality is still here now, but the minibus is just a mere means of transport

Armen Sargsyan, Yerevan

A lullaby for war. The OSCE Minsk Group has been crooning a lullaby in Karabakh for years and, as it has recently turned out, not all that successfully

Natalia Garakhanova, Baku

"Big Brother" in your office. His salary is the smallest, but his authority is unlimited

Galina Petriashvili, Tbilisi

The 'Newest Russians' in Georgia. Georgia has always been 'selflessly glad' to host guests, and now it understands the diverse benefits of having them

Magerram Zeynalov, Baku

Quick facts.  When they came for those who were kissing on the boulevard – I remained silent

Nika Musavi, Baku

I want to leave. And what I most often hear in response is: "Me too. But where and how?"

Armen Sargsyan, Yerevan

The new generation’s fear:  “What would I do if I were out of mobile phone contact?”

Mikhail Shevelev, Moscow

Beria’s room. Delicacies. The Caucasus cuisine in Moscow is popular, though unfamiliar with conflicts and even with the geography

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