Olympic poker

The Olympics in Rio, which was full of scandals, has come to an end

Schoolchildren at war

The wars waged in the 1990s continues on the pages of school textbooks

A useless language?

Ossetian is an endangered language, says UNIESCO. But it seems that only their society is concerned about this problem

‘Putin’s plan’ for Karabakh

It means the de-escalation of conflict, opening of the Armenian-Turkish border and Georgia’s turning back towards Russia

Galina Petriashvili, Tbilisi

The 'Newest Russians' in Georgia. Georgia has always been 'selflessly glad' to host guests, and now it understands the diverse benefits of having them

A four-day war

Azerbaijan’s failed blitzkrieg or Russia’s ‘secret hand’?

Olympus Opened

Two swimming pools, two thousand spectators - South Ossetia is celebrating sports