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Russia-Ukraine war. Timeline of events, March 24-25

  • Summary of events by 00.00: first 200 militants from the Middle East to arrive in Belarus next week to participate in war - Novaya Gazeta

  • Summary of events by 20.30: Russian Defense Ministry, for the first time in a while, releases data on its losses

  • Summary of events by 14.30: Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich to become a mediator in Russia-Ukraine negotiations - Financial Times

  • Summary of events by 09.30: Ramzan Kadyrov spreads fakes about the capture of Mariupol center

  • Summary of events by 00.00: "Freedom must be armed. Life must conquer death" - Zelensky at G7 summit

  • Summary of events by 19.30: "Russia won't end with Ukraine" - Zelensky's address at NATO summit

  • Summary of events by 15.30: Large landing ship with equipment destroyed in the port of captured Berdyansk, Russia uses phosphorus ammunition

  • Summary of events by 10.00: UNSC refuses to adopt Russia's draft resolution on Ukraine

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