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Russia-Ukraine war. Timeline of events, March 30-31

  • Summary of events by 01.00: "Georgia is participating in international sanctions against Russia" - President Salome Zurabishvili on CNN, Russia prevents the extension of the OSCE mission in Ukraine

  • Summary of events by 19.00: Erdogan plans talks with Zelensky, Putin; S. Ossetian soldiers refuse to fight for Russia and returne home

  • Summary of events by 09.30: "There are those who waste their time and work to stay in office" - Zelensky recalls ambassadors from Georgia and Morocco; South Ossetia announces a referendum on joining Russia

  • Summary of events by 21.30: President Zelensky spoke with Joe Biden, addressed Norwegian Parliament, South Ossetia announced desire to become part of Russia

  • 145 pairs of children's shoes assembled in front of Georgian Parliament in memory of children killed in Ukranian war

  • Summary of events by 14.30: Fires, destruction, civilian casualties as a result of night bombings of Ukrainian cities; former Russian soldiers form a volunteer unit in Ukraine

  • Summary of events by 09.30: "We hear positive signals from negotiations, but they do not drown out explosions of Russian shells" - Zelensky

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