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Russia-Ukraine war. Timeline of events, March 26-27

  • Zelensky's first interview with Russian journalists VIDEO

  • Summary of events by 20.30: "Russia must be heard, one way or another" - Turkey

  • An effigy of Putin was burned in Tbilisi

  • Summary of events by 10.30 AM: Arestovich: There will be no capture of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Russia is going to Donbass

  • Summary of events by 23.00: “Russia used to be 21st century country, now it's 19th century country"

  • Summary of events by 17.30: Father of a journalist from Melitopol, who was kidnapped by Russian troops, released after agreeing to give control of the website of her publication

  • Russia has declared a new goal of establishing complete control over entire Donbas

  • Summary of events by 10.30: Ukrainian refugees in Moldova become victims of human trafficking - Interpol

  • Cancellation of Moscow-Yerevan-Moscow flights due to Western sanctions against Russia

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