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News, reports, media on combat in Karabakh. October 26, 2020

  • Former Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan calls on Armenian side for direct talks

  • Azerbaijani Armed Forces have approached the southern border of Armenia, to the Syunik region - representative of the Armenian Defense Ministry

  • The spouse of the Prime Minister of Armenia will go to the front to defend the Motherland

  • "Azerbaijan does not want a solution to the Karabakh issue, Azerbaijan wants the surrender of Karabakh" - Prime Minister of Armenia

  • One civilian killed, two wounded in Karabakh - Karabakh ombudsman

  • Azerbaijan continues to attack on the front line and fire at peaceful settlements - Armenian Defense Ministry

  • Azerbaijani army took control of 18 more settlements - Ilham Aliyev

  • Azerbaijani aviation bombing peaceful settlements in Karabakh - State Emergency Service

  • Clear control mechanisms need to be introduced - Armenian Defense Ministry

  • "We do not support the position on the possibility and admissibility of a military solution to this problem" - Sergey Lavrov

  • Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan: "Enemy firing along the entire front”

  • Armenian side accuses Azerbaijan of violating ceasefire

  • Defense Ministry of Karabakh denies violation of ceasefire

  • Enemy fired on Terter region - Azerbaijani Defense Ministry

  • Armenia grossly violated the new ceasefire regime - Azerbaijani Defense Ministry

  • Readiness to observe the ceasefire - statement by the President of NK and the Prime Minister of Armenia

  • Azerbaijani Defense Ministry: "The Azerbaijani army fully complies with the ceasefire regime"

  • Congratulations from Trump to the parties of the conflict

  • Brief summary of events as of the morning of October 26

  • News, reports, photos / videos on military operations in Karabakh for October 25, 2020

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