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News, reports, media on combat in Karabakh. October 27, 2020

  • Erdogan calls Putin, developments in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict discussed

  • Summary of situation on the front from the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, map of military operations in Karabakh

  • Trump expresses disappointment over ceasefire violation

  • Armenian government's strategy on Nagorno-Karabakh issue will not change - Prime Minister

  • Azerbaijani Armed Forces fired on peaceful settlements of Karabakh, three people were injured - State Emergency Service of Karabakh

  • Armenian Defense Ministry refutes statement on shelling of Azerbaijani Barda region

  • "Minsk group, or group of death ?!" - comment from Baku

  • "Turkey is like a weightlifter who needs to order more and more weight to win" - comment from Yerevan

  • The number of casualties as a result of shelling by the Armenian armed forces of Barda region reaches 4 people - assistant to the President of Azerbaijan

  • Three people died as a result of shelling in Barda region - Hikmet Hajiyev

  • Good neighborly relations need to be established for safety and progress - comment from Baku

  • Armenian armed forces fired on Tartar region of Azerbaijan

  • Azerbaijan contains 17 Armenian prisoners of war - Armenian Investigative Committee

  • Jalal Harutyunyan has been relieved of his duties as Defense Minister of Nagorno-Karabakh and Commander of the Defense Army due to injury

  • Peskov on Turkey's involvement in the Karabakh negotiation process

  • Ministry of Defense and State Border Service of Azerbaijan issue joint statement

  • Armenia shelling the city of Terter and the villages of the region - Azerbaijan Defense Ministry

  • Film crew of Euronews TV channel in Karabakh almost filmed their death

  • Azerbaijan continues shelling Armenian border posts, there are wounded - Armenian Defense Ministry

  • Azerbaijani Defense Ministry denies information about shelling of border outpost in Armenia

  • Member of the Azerbaijani parliament on the importance of Turkish F-16s

  • Azerbaijan fired on the territory of the border post on the border of Armenia with Iran - Armenian Defense Ministry

  • Combat operations continued in three directions of the front - Azerbaijani Defense Ministry

  • Tension remained in the conflict zone at night, fighting continues - Karabakh Defense Ministry

  • Efforts to establish a US-mediated ceasefire have failed - Armenian Prime Minister

  • Brief summary of events as of the morning of October 27

  • News, reports, photos / videos on military operations in Karabakh for October 26, 2020

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