The main demand is snap parliamentary elections" />

United opposition refuses to recognise election results in Georgia, calls for public to go out onto the streets

The main demand is snap parliamentary elections

The united opposition coalition Strength in Unity does not recognise Salome Zourabichvili as the elected president of Georgia and is demanding early parliamentary elections.

“Georgia doesn’t have a president – it’s only the head of the ruling party Ivanishvili [that thinks we do]”

presidential candidate Grigol Vashadze announced today in Tbilisi to a group of assembled supporters, saying he did not recognise the election results.

Vashadze says the opposition demands snap parliamentary elections be held, as well as the staffing of election commissions with representatives of local and international non-governmental organizations.

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who is now in the Netherlands, addressed the audience via Skype.

“Misha! Misha!”, the audience chanted.

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“We will never recognize the results of rigged elections… We demand snap parliamentary elections on proportional lists in order to get rid of this feudal power,” Saakashvili said to his supporters.

Saakashvili urged them to gather on Sunday for a protest rally.

“Peacefully and in an orderly manner, we must put an end to this power,” he said.

“Struggle, struggle,” the crowd chanted as well. 

Saakashvili also urged the public not to blame the people for being “sold for potatoes”.

“There is only one guilty person here — the enemy of Georgia, Ivanishvili,” he said.

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