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Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 7-11 August, 2023

  • Friday, August 11, Azerbaijan. "A report by former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court distorts the real situation" - presidential aide

  • Friday, August 11, Armenia. Yerevan and Tehran have extended their gas-for-electricity agreement until 2030

  • Thursday, August 10, Armenia. ""He desecrated a Christian cross by using it as a skateboard" - the scandal surrounding the Russian musician

  • Thursday, August 10, Azerbaijan. The exiled wife and son of murdered journalist Elmar Huseynov secretly spent two weeks in Baku and Shusha

  • Thursday, August 10, Georgia. "The mudflow in Shovi was impossible to predict" - ministry of tnvironmental protection

  • Wednesday, August 9, Georgia. The opposition demands the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate the tragedy in Shovi

  • Wednesday, August 9, Armenia. More than 10 people detained during a protest near the building of the Armenian government in the center of Yerevan

  • Wednesday, August 9, Azerbaijan. Almost a hundred more IDPs moved from the suburbs of Baku to permanent residence in the city of Lachin

  • Tuesday, 8 August, Georgia. 15th anniversary of the August war and mourning for those who died in Shovi

  • Tuesday, 8 August, Armenia. 'A peace agreement between Yerevan and Baku is within reach' - US State Department spokesman

  • Tuesday, 8 August, Azerbaijan. "Biased statements by UN Human Rights Council experts" - MFA

  • Monday, 7 August, Georgia. Day of Sorrow for the victims of the natural disaster in Shovi

  • Monday, 7 August, Azerbaijan. The return of internally displaced persons to the city of Fuzuli begins

  • Monday, 7 August, Armenia. In a 35-minute video on Azerbaijani TV, the entire territory of Armenia was presented as Azerbaijani

  • The main topics of the day in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 31 July-4 August, 2023

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