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Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 14-18 August, 2023

  • Friday, August 18, Georgia.Death toll from landslide in Shovi mountain resort rises to 27

  • Friday, August 18, Armenia. China against external interference in Armenia's internal affairs: Ambassador Fan Yong

  • Thursday, August 17, Georgia. It is possible that a commission of inquiry into the disaster in Shovi will be created

  • Thursday, August 17, Armenia. The head of the OSCE instructed Andrzej Kasprzyk to personally visit the Lachin corridor and report on the current situation

  • Thursday, August 17, Azerbaijan. The discussion on the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan in the UN Security Council concluded without any results

  • Wednesday, August 16, Azerbaijan. The parliament has appealed to the colleagues in foreign countries "not to succumb to Armenia's attempts to mislead in connection with the situation in Karabakh"

  • Wednesday, August 16, Georgia. Protest at The Killers concert at Black Sea Arena, who invited a Russian drummer to the stage

  • Wednesday, August 16, Armenia. Media and social media outlets have reported the death of a 40-year-old man due to starvation in the unrecognized NKR

  • Tuesday, August 15, Azerbaijan. "It is strange to see how Spain, fighting separatism on its own territory, supports separatism on the territory of Azerbaijan"

  • Tuesday, August 15, Armenia. EU Mission to Armenia denies accumulation of Armenian troops on the border with Azerbaijan

  • Tuesday, August 15, Georgia. “They want to put the blame for the tragedy in Shovi on the government” - speaker

  • Monday, August 14, Georgia. 31 years have passed since the beginning of the war in Abkhazia

  • Monday, August 14, Azerbaijan. Persecution of members of trade unions

  • Monday, August 14, Armenia. Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia Aram I proposed that Yerevan creates a single diverse negotiating body

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