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Latest news in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 31 July-4 August, 2023

  • Friday, 4 August, Armenia. "Baku wants to sign a peace treaty with Yerevan and then make territorial claims against Armenia" - Nikol Pashinyan

  • Friday, 4 August, Georgia. A landslide in Shovi in Racha region killed 2 people

  • Friday, 4 August, Azerbaijan. The road was repaired and a police post was installed on the Aghdam-Khankendi road

  • Thursday, 3 August, Azerbaijan. Journalists fired from Radio Liberty, editorial leadership allegedly becoming pro-government

  • Thursday, 3 August, Armenia. "Moscow supports the launch of talks between Stepanakert and Baku, but the situation is aggravated"

  • Thursday, 3 August, Georgia. The re-export of cars from Georgia to Russia and Belarus is banned under EU sanctions

  • Wednesday, 2 August, Georgia. "How much do you get paid for selling your soul to protect Russia?" - Kinzinger addressed the leader of Georgia's ruling part

  • Wednesday, 2 August, Azerbaijan. "The people who live in Karabakh are in Azerbaijan. They will have to make a choice: to stay here to live as our citizens or to leave" - Ilham Aliyev

  • Wednesday, 2 August, Armenia. Yerevan has prepared an 'audit', which lists all the agreements that were reached in Brussels but not implemented

  • Tuesday, 1 August, Azerbaijan. “Turkey will normalise relations with Armenia after Yerevan signs a peace agreement with Baku" - Turkish Foreign Minister

  • Tuesday, 1 August, Georgia. Demonstrations were held in Batumi, Tbilisi and Kutaisi against the arrival of the Russian cruise liner

  • Tuesday, 1 August, Armenia. The head of PACE has called for an urgent fact-finding mission in Nagorno-Karabakh

  • Monday, 31 July, Armenia. "The abduction of a Nagorno-Karabakh resident in the Lachin corridor is a war crime" - the Armenian Foreign Ministry

  • Monday, 31 July, Azerbaijan. Vagif Khachaturyan detained at the Lachin post, he is accused of committing massacres in the first Karabakh war

  • Monday, 31 July, Georgia. A large-scale protest in Batumi against the arrival of the cruise ship with tourists from Russia

  • The main topics of the day in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, 24-28 July, 2023

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