No casualties were reported, but many came under serious threat" />

Strong winds in Baku down 80 trees

No casualties were reported, but many came under serious threat

High-speed winds knocked down about 80 trees and tore off window frames and roofs in Baku on 29 November. No casualties have been reported.

The ecological management department of the capital said that many trees were uprooted. Work on clearing the aftermath of the windstorm took all night and continued in the morning.

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Baku often experiences strong winds. The city is unofficially called ‘the city of winds’, which might be of Persian origin. The cold and gusty northwesterly wind in Baku is called the Khazri.

Social media users shared their impressions and adventures after the strong gusts:

“We still can’t believe it. Our youngest daughter got out of the car and when she was heading for the house, some glass fell down literally a few centimetres behind her back. I hate the wind!”

“A piece of slate was torn down from the barn, and my mother and daughter were returning from a lesson. My daughter dodged, but my mother did not have time and she hurt her leg. Fortunately, only a little bit. I just got a bit bruised.”

“I was running out to a taxi when I got blown into a wall. The taxi driver himself barely reached the car.”

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