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Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 25-29 September, 2023

  • Friday, September 29, Azerbaijan. "Armenians who left Azerbaijan will be able to return back. Baku strongly condemns Pashinyan's statement on "ethnic cleansing"

  • Friday, September 29, Georgia. A decision on whether Georgia will become a candidate for EU accession may be taken in the first week of October

  • Friday, September 29, Armenia. 78,354 displaced persons from Karabakh arrived in Armenia

  • Thursday, September 28, Georgia. "Georgia will be granted candidate status for EU accession, but not because the government deserves it"

  • Thursday, September 28, Armenia. 65036 displaced Nagorno-Karabakh residents have arrived in Armenia, according to the latest data.

  • Thursday, September 28, Azerbaijan. "192 servicemen and one civilian killed during anti-terrorist measures in Karabakh" - defence ministry

  • Wednesday, September 27, Armenia. 28,120 Karabakh Armenians have left their homes and entered Armenia

  • Wednesday, September 27, Azerbaijan. "If Armenia does not participate in the creation of transport routes through Karabakh, they will go through Iran" - Erdogan

  • Wednesday, September 27, Georgia. "Impeachment of the president will not help to solve the problem of depolarisation in Georgia" - Gerchinski

  • Tuesday, September 26, Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani presidential aide and Armenian Security Council Secretary to meet in Brussels today

  • Tuesday, September 26, Armenia. Explosion in petrol reservoir in Karabakh, there are dead, more than 200 people wounded

  • Tuesday, September 26, Georgia. The issue of impeachment of the president will be considered on 3 October, while Zurabishvili continues her European tour

  • Monday, September 25, Georgia. President urged to cancel 'pro-Russian decision' of National Bank

  • Monday, September 25, Azerbaijan. Today Turkish President together with Ilham Aliyev goes to Nakhchivan

  • Monday, September 25, Armenia. Already 2,906 Karabakh Armenians have entered Armenia

  • Media monitoring in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 18-22 September, 2023

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