Tourists are asked to “take another look” at Azerbaijan " />

New Azerbaijani tourism campaign on display at UK exhibition

Tourists are asked to “take another look” at Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s new tourism campaign Take Another Look was presented at the World Tourism Exhibition (WTM) in London. The campaign was previously presented to the Azerbaijani public, but caused a mixed reaction.

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The campaign’s logo symbolises the letter A for Azerbaijan. Social media users have noticed a number of other objects within the logo, a number of which are reported to be vulgar in nature. Caricatures have appeared on social media making fun of the logo.

The campaign’s slogan has also given rise to criticism. The general opinion is that the proposal to Take Another Look sounds as if Azerbaijan is a country that one might not enjoy at first glance – and that it has to be closely examined before it can be appreciated.

Representatives of the Azerbaijan Tourism Bureau said that the aim of the campaign is for others “to discover yet more beauty in Azerbaijan”. They added that campaign offices will be opened throughout Azerbaijan and in foreign cities, including Germany, the United Arab Emirates, France as well as in several other countries.

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