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  • Friday, June 14, Georgia. "Restoring diplomatic relations between Russia and Georgia is beneficial, but Russia will not renounce its recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia," Zatulin

  • Friday, June 14, Armenia. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova mocks Pashinyan's statement about Armenia leaving the CSTO

  • Friday, June 14, Azerbaijan. The Ministry of Defense reports shelling of Azerbaijani positions in Nakhchivan

  • Thursday, June 13, Armenia. Crackdown on protest; Pashinyan discusses potential Armenian exit from CSTO

  • Thursday, June 13, Georgia. The EU condemns attacks on activists, intimidation, and disinformation campaigns in Georgia

  • Thursday, June 13, Azerbaijan. Pre-trial detention for Abzas Media's editor and director extended; arrested since November 2023

  • Wednesday, June 12, Azerbaijan. Journalist Nargiz Absalamova's pre-trial detention in the "Abzas Media" case has been extended by three months

  • Wednesday, June 12, Georgia. "Politicians' discrediting statements effectively encourage violence against the civil sector," - ombudsman

  • Wednesday, June 12, Armenia. Relations between Armenia and the U.S. will be elevated to a strategic partnership level

  • Tuesday, June 11, Armenia. The parliamentary council rejected the opposition's initiative for an emergency session on the prime minister's impeachment

  • Tuesday, June 11, Azerbaijan. Erdoğan will attend an informal summit of the Organization of Turkic States in Shusha (Karabakh) in July

  • Tuesday, June 11, Georgia. Parliament has officially registered the draft law "On the prohibition of LGBT propaganda'

  • Monday, June 10, Georgia. Political flash mob: Citizens confront ruling party deputies, calling them traitors, then share videos online

  • Monday, June 10, Armenia. The Russian Foreign Ministry protests following the visit of Armenian officials to Bucha in Ukraine

  • Monday, June 10, Azerbaijan. Ilham Aliyev advocated for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem

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