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Top stories in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia from 15-19 April, 2024

  • Friday, April 19, Georgia. Protests against the "foreign agents law" continue, with a march announced: "Women Choose Europe!"

  • Friday, April 19, Azerbaijan. The leader of the independent media project Meclis.info, Imran Aliev, has been detained

  • Friday, April 19, Armenia. The Russian Foreign Ministry supports the safe return of the Armenian population to Karabakh

  • Thursday, April 18, Azerbaijan. Baku and Moscow jointly decided on the early withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Azerbaijan

  • Thursday, April 18, Armenia. "Our aim is for border villagers to think, 'Great, Azerbaijan is just 50 meters away; we can do business there'" - Pashinyan

  • Thursday, April 18, Georgia. "Unprecedented protest against the 'foreign agents law'."

  • Wednesday, April 17, Georgia. The parliament will continue deliberating the foreign agents law, while society will continue its large-scale protests

  • Wednesday, April 17, Armenia. The CSTO suggests that Armenia "clarify its plans regarding further participation in the organization"

  • Wednesday, April 17, Azerbaijan. Russian peacekeepers left Azerbaijan, as reported by local media

  • Tuesday, April 16, Azerbaijan. "Azerbaijan has returned to Armenia all detained servicemen, except those who committed serious crimes," - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Tuesday, April 16, Georgia. Large-scale protests against the foreign agents law will continue today

  • Tuesday, April 16, Armeniaю Armenia aims to appoint its attaché in Silicon Valley

  • Monday, April 15, Azerbaijan. Money transfers from Georgia have increased by 30%

  • Monday, April 15, Georgia. The first reading of the law on foreign agents in parliament and a protest action

  • Monday, April 15, Armenia. In the border town of Voskepar, protests are underway against "unilateral concessions" to Azerbaijan.

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