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Georgia against the 'foreign agents law', day three, 100 thousand protesters. What happened, videos, photos

  • Metropolitan of Poti and Hobio Grigoli called on the authorities to stop considering the controversial draft law

  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs has confirmed the detention of two individuals at the rally

  • Three individuals detained near the government chancellery - reports Interpressnews

  • Clash at the entrance to the government building

  • Opposition politicians demand a meeting with the Prime Minister

  • "The 'Smile' - the 'forbidden song' at the rally

  • The U.S. Department of State: "We urge the government of Georgia to heed warnings

  • Unprecedented number of people at the parliament. Footage from the "Mtavari Arkhi" TV channel

  • "Let's demand that the Prime Minister talks to us" - rally participants moved towards the government administration

  • Organizers suggested moving to the government chancellery, where the government is based

  • At Freedom Square, special forces and a water cannon are mobilized, reports Interpressnews

  • Rally participants are warned not to engage in provocations

  • "Thirty minutes left! After that, we will announce the further plan of action" - ultimatum from rally participants

  • ‘Drop this law’ - rally participants give the government one hour

  • Photos and videos from JAMnews of the massive rally, day three

  • A crowded rally in Tbilisi and no police - what is happening in front of the parliament

  • Director Lana Gogoberidze: "We have real friends, these are the countries of Europe, the USA! We cannot afford to lose them."

  • Near the parliament, the protest with the main slogan 'No to the Russian law!' has resumed

  • How was it yesterday, on April 16th: dancing protesters confront police. Video JAMnews/David Pipia

  • The Prime Minister believes that President Salome Zourabichvili is an agent of foreign influence

  • Prime Minister Kobakhidze: "Scholz, Stoltenberg, and others lack arguments against the 'Foreign Influence Law"

  • People prepare for evening protest at parliament as police reinforce cordons

  • The president met with ambassadors, urging the West not to abandon Georgia and to continue its support

  • Independent MP Grigol Vashadze announced his resignation from parliament

  • The parliament passed the "foreign agents law" in the first reading

  • The Speaker of the Parliament expelled opposition MPs from the chamber

  • Members of the "Gaharia for Georgia" party left the parliament session in protest

  • Georgia's basketball team captain, Tornike Shengelia, expressed his sentiments on the divided nation, emphasizing the importance of unity towards Europe

  • UFC champion, Georgian fighter Ilya Topuria: "It's painful to watch as special forces beat protesters."

  • During the massive protest on April 16th near the parliament, 12 ambulance brigades were on duty, and dozens of people sought medical attention

  • The plenary session has begun, with opposition deputies speaking. Today, there will be a vote on the bill in the first reading

  • The players of the Georgian national football team collectively spoke out against the "Russian law"

  • Khvicha Kvaratskhelia: "The path and future of Georgia - only in Europe"

  • Why is this law specifically referred to as Russian? Arguments/important materials from Georgian online media

  • "Dimitri Beridze says, 'I'm okay, I just have a concussion,'" following the assault by police officers at the rally yesterday.

  • This is Georgian football star Buda Zivzivadze protesting, who is a forward for the Georgian national team and German club "Karlsruhe."

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