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War in Karabakh: Azerbaijan reports launch of anti-terrorist operation, September 19

  • Civilian killed in Agdam district - Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan

  • "Murderers, Shame" - simultaneous protests in Yerevan, combining demands for Pashinyan's resignation and criticism of Russia

  • The Armenian Foreign Ministry does not rule out the movement of military operations to the territory of Armenia

  • Baku is in operational contact with the Russian peacekeeping contingent - Defence Ministry

  • Russian peacekeepers evacuate Armenians

  • US calls on Baku to immediately cease hostilities

  • Erdogan backed Azerbaijan's counter-terrorism operation

  • Protest action in front of the Russian Embassy in Armenia

  • Police in Yerevan used light and noise grenades at the protest action

  • 128 adults, 12 children wounded

  • Armenian footballer Henrikh Mkhitaryan appealed to his fans

  • 25 people have been killed, two of whom are civilians

  • Defence Ministry: More than 60 combat posts have come under control of Azerbaijani Armed Forces

  • The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry condemned the statement of the French Foreign Ministry

  • Freedom House condemns Azerbaijan's actions

  • Another briefing of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry was held

  • What steps is the EU going to take? Peter Stano's answer

  • Shelling of the village of Yekhtsayogh, surrounded on all sides by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces

  • In Yerevan, protesters demand a change of government

  • Three children in Karabakh in serious condition

  • Azerbaijan expresses readiness to meet with representatives of Karabakh Armenian community

  • Another position of Armenian army in Karabakh destroyed - VIDEO

  • Pashinyan has contacted Macron

  • Pashinyan talks with Secretary of State Blinken

  • UAV fire on Karabakh positions - VIDEO

  • The French Foreign Ministry issued a statement

  • Statement by the Armenian Foreign Ministry

  • Address of the Azerbaijani military to civilians of Armenian origin and militants

  • Appeal from Karabakh to Azerbaijan to cease fire and start negotiations

  • EU position, Borrell statement

  • Appeal of Azerbaijani authorities to the Armenians of Karabakh

  • Video of shelling of residential neighbourhoods in Karabakh

  • Infocentre of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan established

  • Address of the President of the unrecognised NKR to international actors

  • Report of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry

  • A civilian was killed in the town of Shusha

  • Statement by the Armenian Prime Minister

  • The foreign ministry of the unrecognised republic reported on Twitter

  • Address to the Armenian population of Karabakh by the Azerbaijani authorities

  • Combat positions are being struck

  • Statement of the Armenian Ministry of Defence

  • Second statement of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan

  • Shelling on civilian buildings? Report from NK

  • Statement from unrecognised NKR

  • Statement of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan

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