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War in Karabakh: Azerbaijan declared anti-terrorist operation, September 20

  • Number of dead and wounded in NK

  • Hundreds protest in Yerevan, demanding Pashinyan's resignation and accusations against Russia

  • President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev addressed the nation

  • Pashinyan had a telephone conversation with Putin

  • Russian peacekeepers killed under fire

  • Meduza reports on how the Kremlin recommends state media to cover the events in NK and Armenia

  • Russian peacekeepers announce they are "providing assistance to civilians". Video

  • Situation commentary from Yerevan

  • Speech by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan

  • Azerbaijani authorities will meet with representatives of Karabakh Armenian community tomorrow

  • The anti-terrorist operation is over

  • Authorities of unrecognised NKR accept peacekeepers' ceasefire proposal

  • Azerbaijan repeated the conditions for ceasefire

  • Yerevan in the morning after clashes with police throughout the night

  • "Urgently stop genocide" - statement of Artak Beglaryan

  • "The security of the population is a priority". Statement by the President of the unrecognised NKR. Is it about evacuation of the population?

  • Strike on a military unit in the village of Tyapakand - VIDEO

  • Review of last night's events from NK and Yerevan

  • Review of last night's events from Baku

  • Third war in Karabakh, day one, 19 September, reporting from Baku and Yerevan

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