The episode in question was recorded by body cam" />

Georgian policeman says he lost job because he detained ex-defence minister’s brother

The episode in question was recorded by body cam

Opposition minded Mtavari Arkhi has released a video today depicting the 2014 detention of the brother of former Defence Minister Levan Izoria. 

The video makes it clear that after the intervention of a senior official, the detainee is released. 

The details of this event have only just surfaced. 

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Police officer Giorgi Dvalishvili, who then detained him, said that after the incident they put pressure on him, and now he has been dismissed altogether – and he decided to make the whole story public.

In the video which was shot by Dvalishvili himself, ex-minister Izoria’s brother curses at the official. The policeman explains that he is forced to detain him for petty hooliganism, and handcuffs him. But the abuse and threats continue.

After some time, other police officers appear at the scene.  The shooting ends with the release of Vakhtang Izoria and the apologies of the police.

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In an interview with Mtavari Arkhi, Dvalishvili said he was sure that the cause of all his subsequent troubles was precisely the conflict with the brother of the former Minister of Defence.  

He said that he handed over the video recording to the prosecutor’s office and the general inspectorate of the Ministry of the Interior, but the authorities did not react in any way.

The major says he fears threats and hopes that he and his family members will not have to flee Georgia.

Levan Izoria, who was the Minister of Defense in 2014, now holds the post of Secretary of the National Security Council, and is not answering the calls of journalists.

The Mtavari television channel reported that Izoria had allegedly left Georgia a few months ago and was in Germany after the prosecutor’s office announced it had questions for him about his activities as defense minister.

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