Features and Analysis

Working overseas

'It's a great opportunity for me: I send the money I earn to my family in Armenia'

Nino Khazhomia: how to survive

The mother of two children tells how to ‘survive’ when everybody is against you – family, community, church

25 dollars

Georgia. The elderly abandoned by both, children and state

The Azerbaijani carpets woven in Georgia

Nabat Anazarova lives in Kosalar in Marneuli region. Everyday she walks eight kilometers to get to her job - saving the ancient art of carpet weaving

Farewell Czech-style

A commemorative feast for Vera was held in ‘Zlatá Stoupa’ pub two days after the funeral

A crashed plane

‘Novaya Gazeta’ correspondent’s report from Sochi, where search for the victims’ bodies and plane debris is underway

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