Schools will be allowed to give private lessons and sell goods" />

Azerbaijani schools to be allowed to set up small-scale businesses

Schools will be allowed to give private lessons and sell goods

Secondary schools in Azerbaijan will not only receive money from the state but will also be able to earn independently through small businesses.

This is provided for in Article 31 of the new draft law on General Education, which has already been adopted in the first reading by the country’s parliament.

Small businesses refer to:


  • paid lessons;
  • rent;
  • the sale of produce from auxiliary farms;
  • the sale of products made by students.


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Exactly what type of business each school can have will be determined by the local executive authorities – the educational process is to remain a priority.

The profit obtained through such businesses must be directed to the development of education and social protection of employees, the bill says. In other words, the money earned should help schools cover some of their expenses without waiting for help from the state or parents.

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