Now employees cannot be payed less than $148 per month. " />

Azerbaijan raises minimum wage by $41, and minimum pension by $23

Now employees cannot be payed less than $148 per month.

The minimum wage in Azerbaijan will increase from 180 to 250 manat [from $106 to $148].

Starting October 1, the size of the minimum pension will also increase, from 160 to 200 manat [from $95 to $118]

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Last time, the minimum wage in Azerbaijan was raised in March of this year: from 130 manat [$77] it increased to 180 [$105].

However, social media users met the news not with joy, but with a sense of alarm and irony.  

Some comments:

“How will the people even be able to spend so much money!”

“Prices are also rising almost every day.”

“Now, probably, the dollar will rise in price.”

Economist Natiq Jafarli also fears that a salary increase may lead to inflation or devaluation.

And comparing the current, increased salary with the one before the 2015 devaluation, Jafarli notes that in dollar terms it has become lower.

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