Since 2014, Armenian citizens have been granted visas under a facilitated procedure " />

Armenia to engage in visa liberalization talks with EU

Since 2014, Armenian citizens have been granted visas under a facilitated procedure


Armenia is going to engage in talks with the European Union regarding visa liberalization issues, i.e. on the introduction of visa-free travel rules – Armenian acting Foreign Minister, Edward Nalbandian, stated at the EU-Armenia Cooperation Council meeting.

The procedure for obtaining an entry visa to the EU countries has been simplified for Armenian citizens after signing the EU-Armenia Visa Facilitation Agreement in January 2014.


This document has reduced the visa application processing time, thus allowing foreign diplomatic missions in Armenia to issue their decisions on visa applications in a shorter period of time – within 10 working days, or, if necessary, within 1-2 days. The visa fee has been cut down from EUR 60 to EUR 35, while certain groups of citizens have been exempt from the payment of visa fees. The Visa application procedure has also been facilitated in terms of the number of documents required.

As soon as the visa liberalization talks have been officially launched, the EU will put forward a number of requirements to Armenia. If Armenia meets those requirements, the document will be signed. A similar agreement has been concluded between the European Union and Georgia.

Regarding the recently initialed EU-Armenia Framework Agreement, Edward Nalbandian expressed hopes that this document, the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, will be signed on the sidelines of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels, in November this year.

The Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister, Karen Nazaryan, reported earlier that the text of the aforesaid agreement was being edited, proofread and translated into all the EU languages.

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